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The information contained in this section is credited to our own consultancy member. The use of copyright material from other sources is acknowledged. Feedback from professional teachers is most welcome and any data that is displayed will receive equal acknowledgement. Commercial use of the author's material is not approved and permission should be sought.

The aim of this section is to provide teachers with samples of useful and usable data related to ITC.

The areas covered are outlined below:

Key Stage 3  
Key Stage 4  
A Level  


Some of the areas may not be available whilst being amended. Our author apologies.

There is no objection to you using the author's resources shown here. When you are asked to provide something quickly, the last thing you want is some other person's name on it. We all customise resources to our own needs. All that is asked is that you act professionally and tell colleagues about this Website and possibly give us feedback via the E-mail button. Please note that other source material is covered by copyright. You should seek your own permissions to use this material or check the copyright licences that exist for your Institution.

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