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How do you present the Project  Folder? (3)

Project, folio and folder work are terms that are often used when referring to tasks that require a range of assessable activities grouped together. Many subjects require pupils to submit this type of work as part of class or coursework. 

More is required of the pupil to produce this type of work. The assessment is not only related to individual pieces that make up the folder, but how they each relate to one another. Like the individual chapters of a book and the book itself.

Each subject has its own requirements so the information given here will concentrate upon the common features that can be usefully applied by pupils.

The purpose of what follows is not to restrict but to provide a starting point.


The Front Cover

An A4 cover with cut out shapes to allow the information on the first page to be seen. Coloured paper or card can add to the overall visual quality.

A4 with cutout to show titles of the first inside page     


A3 size covers showing guidelines for the positioning of graphics and text. Notice the edge space that creates a natural border. ICT prints can be created, printed on A4, pasted and then photocopied to A3. More about text on that particular guidance page.




The use of coloured images which may form the shape of the front page or folder can be effective and relatively inexpensive. In most cases it is better to protect and store the cover until it is time to organise and hand in the completed project.



If the project is to include pieces of work such as flat models or collected information that can not be presented easily, then create a pocket or envelope that can be attached to the back page and put them there.    


Please study the information given on the previous page.

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