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How do you set out your Project Presentation Folder?

The paper size can be A4, A3 or A2, or a mixture of them all…  

The content will naturally vary dependent upon the subject of the presentation folder.

Take the advice of the subject teacher.

There are however some common points to consider:

Each subject will have specific requirements.


Take the example of Design Technology shown below:

Examination Groups recommend the use of A3 size for DT Coursework.

The following tips are given as a guide to presenting a DT folder.

Card front with the Title and your Name,

Centre and Candidate Number (for KS4)

When the Project is completed make sure that:

Keep the information on the front cover to a minimum.

Pictures are not needed in most cases.

The front and back sheet can be covered with clear, self adhesive film to keep it clean.

Use guidelines to set out the information.

Use ICT to give good quality without too

much time needing to be invested.

High quality presentation needs to be used





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