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Presenting Projects in the School Curriculum



We learn to communicate by talking, reading, writing, body

language and drawing.


This booklet is a guide to help you with your drawing skills.

Everybody learns some drawing skills when they write. The

drawing of the letters needs drawing skills.

When you are learning to write it is important to practise. The

same goes for when you are learning to draw.


The sort of drawing skills shown are not artistic drawing skills

although they may be applied to create something artistic.

You will find the methods will help when not drawing from observation.

Drawing skills are needed at some time in most school subjects.

Learning the skills of drawing and using them when appropriate

will improve the quality of your work.


Presentation is also a skill that is applied in many of the tasks that

we do. It involves many of the skills that are used when designing

and much is to be gained from the practise of such skills.

When trying to write for the first time the results can look bad.


Give yourself the time to get better at presentation and drawing in

the same way that you had time to learn how to read and write.

Freehand  " Thinking on paper"

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